It is a set of the legal rules that govern the sanctioning power of the state.

The presence of a legal counsellor in criminal proceedings, in addition to being legally binding, assures the accused or detained that he will be informed of the facts on which he is accused and of the reasons why he was deprived of his liberty.

We have loads of experiences in the field of criminal law, where we have encountered many cases with positive result in the vast majority of judgments for the benefit of our clients

We provide legal services in matters of:

– Accusations of litigation

– Legal advisory for detained person

– Fraud, misappropriation

– Threats

– Thefts and robbery

– Embezzlement

– Physical attacks

– Domestic violence

– Road accident

– Reckless driving

– Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol

– Crimes against life and health

– European Arrest Warrant (EAW)